Almost 30 years ago I started making violins.
At that time I already played the electric guitar in several bands, was writing my own music and at the same time studied at the academy of arts to become a classical ballet-dancer .
Therefore, classical music was my daily reality, but soon I also became a big fan of Zappa, Van Halen, Indian-music and SF movies.
You can imagine the result.
My teenage bedroom was packed with violins, guitars, Marshall-stacks and ballet-shoes. The walls were adorned with Stradivari and DarthVader posters. A desk with wood-carving tools, maple, spruce and ebony in the corner, and some Strad-magazines under my bed. Not the common toys of a young teenager.
I went to a local music-school to learn how to read music and how to play the violin, and took every opportunity to travel to Mittenwald and Cremona to examine the German and Italian masters. The first violin I built was a copy of the famous Paganini violin. I even went to the city of Genova-Italy to see and hear this magnificent instrument by one of the greatest violinists ever.
It has the same strong dark/brown sound as the original!
I soon decided to quit dancing, when I realized my goal was making music.
After some interesting musical projects, I started to record my first instrumental CDs.
Guitar-music extravaganza mixed with classical and Indian influences.
I also composed lots of violin-tracks in these complex music-pieces.
In those days it was almost impossible to find good quality electric violins and therefore I started to build them myself.
After months of struggling in my workshop and several experiments with the first proto-types, the result was finally there..
The very first Violtar was born.
After years of research and development, I’m finally ready to share my instruments with other musicians around the world.
Every year I will offer a small number of Violtars for sale for a reasonable price, totally hand-made and fine-tuned by myself.
Check out my web-site for pics, prices and support.
Enjoy and let a new era begin..
Cyril Whistler
Magazine OOR 1994
De Gitarist 1992